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Possible technology service interruption.

On Friday, September 29, 2023, between 6 and 8 p.m., City Schools will be updating our technology infrastructure. This maintenance may cause intermittent service disruptions to all City Schools' technology services. This includes any systems that require internet access and cloud-based services. Please plan accordingly. 

Expires in 1 hour

Reminder- Proper conduct at Athletics events

Baltimore City Public Schools Interscholastic Athletics programs play an important part of the culture and spirit in our schools. They promote a sense of community, sportsmanship, leadership, academic excellence, and healthy competition. These values were recently exhibited at the Dunbar vs. Mervo football game at Morgan State University. Both teams showed exemplary sportsmanship and participation, allowing attendees to enjoy a peaceful and exciting game.

At City Schools, we hold student-athletes and spectators at sporting events to high standards of good sportsmanship on and off the field.  We expect players and spectators to be respectful, play fairly and with integrity, and view opponents as competitors, not as adversaries or enemies. 

To provide a safe environment for all alumni, spectators, staff, and athletes, attendees at athletic events are required to refrain from

-using profanity
-intimidating the coaches, players, officials, or spectators
-throwing objects
-entering the playing area
-inciting physical harm or violence towards opposing teams, spectators, visitors, etc.
-displaying disrespectful behavior in the form of physical or verbal

City Schools understands the tremendous pride felt in one’s school community, and we want everyone to enjoy athletic events. Please understand that admission to interscholastic events is a privilege, and rude, offensive, or violent behavior from any party in attendance will not be tolerated.