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Updated COVID Procedures for 2022-23 School Year

Our health procedures are an important way City Schools keeps students and staff safe. For the 2022-23 school year, we are streamlining our COVID testing, quarantine and isolation rules to ensure all healthy individuals remain in school. And as health conditions improve in our community, we may further reduce COVID testing to align with funding provided to us by the federal government. Additionally, City Schools is aware of the new guidance issued by the CDC last week. We are reviewing that guidance to determine if further adjustments may be needed. 

Below are the updates to our COVID health and safety procedures for the upcoming school year. They reflect your feedback from the end-of-year survey. More than 90 percent of respondents indicated that regular COVID testing was important, even if an individual does not have symptoms. Please note that the district’s health guidance is subject to change as we continue to review our procedures and new information becomes available.

Masks are optional in City Schools buildings and on our school grounds. School communities should reinforce that masking is a choice. We are committed to an environment where individual masking decisions are respected.  

Please note:

  • Schools will provide masks to students and staff upon request.
  • Masks will be required for anyone who has had COVID in the last ten days or who has had a known exposure to COVID in the last ten days.
  • Additionally, if someone in a K-8 cohort has COVID, the whole classroom cohort must mask for ten days. Or, if there is a classroom or school-wide outbreak, the impacted classroom or school must mask for 10 days.

Quarantine and Isolating
In line with the latest CDC guidance:

  • Anyone who tests positive must isolate for at least 5 days. 
  • Those who are identified as close contacts at school or at home may continue to go to school if they remain asymptomatic. 
    • Students and staff who have recently been exposed to COVID may request a COVID test at school.
    •  Masking is required for those with a known exposure for 10 days after exposure.

For the fall semester, City Schools will continue to offer a robust set of testing resources to school communities. Testing services offered will include: 

   Note: This means pooled testing at the K-8 level and saliva-based PCR testing at the secondary level.

  • Students and staff have access to diagnostic testing at school if they feel sick. 
  • Students and staff may request a COVID test if exposed to COVID 
  • At-home tests will be backpacked home when students return to school at the start of the school year and before major events and holidays including Thanksgiving and Winter Break.

Contact Tracing

The district office will track positive cases and contact individuals who test positive to provide isolation guidance. Schools will notify families if there is a positive case in the school community.

Air Quality

City Schools continues to provide MERV 13 filters or portable HEPA air purifiers in every building as part of our Air Quality Plan

Indoor Events

There are no capacity limitations on indoor gatherings and activities, including athletics. 


Visitors are welcome if they haven’t tested positive for COVID in the past five days, don’t have COVID symptoms, or are not being asked to quarantine, isolate, or stay at home.

High School Athletics

Student athletes must participate in City Schools testing program. This includes participation in screening testing, and testing if exposed to COVID.

Field Trips
Field trips are encouraged! Students attending overnight and out-of-state trips must be vaccinated or participate in City Schools testing program.