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New Navigator Center Guides Graduates Toward Their Goals

For students, the summer after graduation is filled with opportunity, hope, decision - and often, uncertainty. The open canvas of life after high school can be exciting and freeing - and daunting. City Schools’ new Navigator Center supports students in this transition, ensuring they have the guidance and expertise necessary to define, pursue, and reach their goals. 

Launched in Fall 2020 with support from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the Navigator Center is a free, online and in-person resource where students and graduates ages 18-24 can access resources and meet with trained coaches for insightful guidance on college, the job market, internships, military service, and entrepreneurship. 

This summer, more than 500 students are supported by the Center at Forest Park High School, with more expected as summer school continues. Hundreds more students and graduates are logging on  to the Center’s resource-rich website. 

According to Kelin Kimbrough, a recent MERVO graduate who worked with the Navigator Center to support the transition to college, "A space like the Nav Center should matter to the youth of Baltimore because it has the potential to be a very valuable resource in the curation of Baltimore’s future leaders. Growing up in a city like Baltimore has shaped some of our youth to think that there is no escape from the troubles we face. The Nav Center has the means and opportunity to change that." The Navigator Center worked with Kelin to identify his options for financial aid and prepare for his transition to college. He currently attends Sussex County Community College, majoring in political science and sociology while also pursuing recruitment in junior college football. 

Navigator Center coaches offering one-to-one guidance include college students, admissions representatives, federal student aid data analysts, paralegals with the Baltimore City State's Attorney's Office, career development specialists, and others who are committed to supporting the next generation of students, professionals, wage-earners and leaders. They work with students to outline college essays, create checklists of things to do before leaving for college, explore internship options, break down steps toward military enlistment, or understand how to start their own business.

Learn more, spread the word, and explore the wide range of resources available on the Navigator Center’s website, here

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