School Locator - Baltimore City Public Schools

Baltimore City Public Schools has many school options for students, including zoned schools for some grades (based on residential address) and schools of choice for all grades. City Schools has citywide choice for high schools and is expanding choices for students in the middle grades.

The School Locator can be used to determine your zoned school or school choice options, based on your address. Upon registration, two proofs of documentation will be required to confirm your address. Please visit the Student Placement website for specific documentation requirements.

    To determine your school options, either:
  • Enter only "Street Name". For example, if your street name is "Smith Avenue" you enter "Smith". If you are not certain of the correct street name spelling you may enter the first few letters of the street name.
  • OR Enter your entire address (i.e. Street Number, Street Direction, Street Name, Street Type, Zip Code)
Street Number
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Zip Code

DISCLAIMER: Baltimore City Public Schools is pleased to provide you with an opportunity to use an on-line application to assist you in determining the schools that are zoned or choices for your address. We have made every effort to assure the accuracy of the information provided as a result of the search. However, school boundary information is subject to change. By using this application you acknowledge the limitations of this application and agree to take full liability for any uses of the data you obtain.

For verification of school assignments, please contact the Office of Student Placement at (410)-396-8600. Proof of residency in Baltimore City is required when registering your child in any Baltimore City Public School.