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UPDATE: Network security and use of computers 

Effective immediately, staff and students may now use their personal devices to access virtual learning and other tools. We ask all users to continue to avoid using Baltimore County schools devices to access City Schools resources. You may use asynchronous online platforms that we know are secure, such as iReady, Imagine Math, Amplify online, etc. 

We also ask all users to avoid opening emails from suspicious sources. For security, we have blocked all emails coming from Baltimore County, and ITD is monitoring all incoming emails for suspicious messages. If you receive a suspicious email, do not open it and report the occurrence to

Expires on 11/30

Health and Wellness Benefits for Staff

Employee Health and Wellness


Employee Benefits Guide

2020 Health Benefits Information

Below are the current health benefits options for employees.

Health plan comparison
Health plan details
Prescription drug coverage (Express Scripts)
Vision coverage
Dental coverage
  • Brochure 
  • Contact:​​​​
    • CareFirst Preferred Dental PPO ("dental buy up") - 1-866-891-2802
    • CareFirst Basic Dental DHMO (basic plan) - 410-847-9060 or 1-888-833-8464
Flexible spending accounts for medical and dependent care
Life insurance
Long-term disability

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can help you head off an issue before it becomes a problem. You can meet with someone in person or over the phone (call 866-529-8063) or visit the Beacon Well Being website ( for information on managing life events (such as marriage or the birth of a child) and on topics including depression, managing stress, and alcohol use and abuse. Your EAP resources include referral and counseling services for issues including:

  • Work/life balance
  • Stress/Anxiety
  • Legal/Financial Assistance
  • Community/Education Resources
  • Staying Healthy/ Finding Caregivers

For more information, download this brochure from Beacon Health Options / Achieve Solutions, City Schools' EAP provider or call 1-866-529-8063. The EAP upholds strict confidentiality standards. No one will know you have accessed the program services unless you specifically grant permission or express a concern that presents the EAP with a legal obligation to release information.

Eligible Dependents

Below is a list of most eligible dependents, with the documentation that must be provided to prove the relationship. Copies of documents are acceptable, as long as they are clearly legible.

Dependents can be enrolled during the annual open enrollment period in the fall. Dependents can also be added after a "life-changing" event — for example, a marriage or birth or adoption of a child. In these cases, contact the benefits team in the Human Capital Office to learn how to update your coverage.

  • Spouse-Marriage certificate and, if married longer than 12 months, a tax return filed within the past two years showing the same address for spouse and employee. If you cannot provide a tax return, you can submit two separate documents that prove continued cohabitation (lease, mortgage statement, joint bill, etc.)
  • Dependent child (by birth)*-Birth certificate
  • Dependent child (by adoption or guardianship)*-Birth certificate and official court documents
  • Stepchild*-Birth certificate, marriage certificate
  • Disabled dependent-Birth certificate, completed disabled dependent waiver request (note that the dependent must be covered under the plan prior to age 19)

(* Dependent children can be covered up to the month that they turn 26 years of age.)

*Eligibility for Voluntary Dependent Life has changed.  Please see the below eligibility criteria.

Dependent Child(ren) means:

  • Your unmarried children, stepchildren, legally adopted children; or 
  • any other children related to You by blood or marriage who:
    • live with You in a regular parent-children relationship; and/or
    • You claimed as a dependent on Your last filed federal income tax return; provided such children are primarily dependent upon You for financial support and maintenance and are: 
      1. from live birth to age 26: or
      2. age 26 or older and disabled. Such children must have become disabled before attaining age 26. You must submit proof, satisfactory to us, of such children's disability.