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Reminder: masking is optional on March 14 and additional health updates

Thank you for your continued partnership in ensuring that City Schools remains a safe and healthy place to learn and work.

With positivity rates for COVID-19 in Baltimore City relatively low, City Schools is making other adjustments to our health and safety procedures, effective immediately.

Updates include:

Reminder: Masks and face coverings will be optional beginning Monday, March 14
While masks are optional generally, there are some requirements:

  • If you test positive for COVID, you must isolate for five days and wear a mask for five days when you return to school.
  • Anyone identified as a close contact of someone with COVID in the last 10 days must wear a mask. 
  • For pool testing, classes may be required by school leaders to mask for 10 days following a positive pool result in that classroom.
  • Masks will continue to be provided to schools and should be available to students and staff upon request.

Schools have resources to help if your student is being bullied 

  • Schools are encouraged to proactively work with their community to ensure everyone understands masking is a choice. Resources are being provided to schools to help educators at the different grade levels engage students in conversations about the masking option. 
  • If you have concerns about how your child is being treated due to your family’s masking decision, please reach out to your principal. City Schools’ website includes resources on bullying and an online reporting system, at this link:
  • Additionally, if you have specific concerns about masking that cannot be addressed by your school, please email

Pre-kindergarten masking

  • We understand masking is particularly sensitive for those students too young to be vaccinated. Our youngest learners often need support from their teachers to ensure their masks stay on throughout the day. 
  • Please share your masking preferences with your school and your child’s teacher. 
  • We have directed pre-K teachers to support their students’ and families’ masking preferences throughout the day.

Families and community members may resume visits to schools

  • Effective immediately, families, community members, and volunteers are welcome in the building. As always, please check in to the school office upon arrival.

High school athletics has updated rules

  • Masking for athletics events will reflect City Schools’ overall requirement. However, masking is not required while engaging in competition.
  • Vaccinations are required for all athletes.
  • There are no restrictions on intensity or distancing while engaged in physical activity.
  • If adequate spacing and staffing are available, spectators can attend indoor athletic events at up to 50 percent capacity. For outdoor athletic events, there is no capacity limit.

Field trips will resume with requirements
There are additional requirements for different types of field trips. Contact your school for details.

  • Gatherings/events will resume during the school day and extracurricular social activities
  • Events during the school day will resume, including contact between various pods, grade levels, and classrooms.
  • Schools may begin making plans for spring social activities, including dances, end-of-quarter celebrations, family nights, etc. Guidelines are subject to change depending on the progression of COVID-19 transmission.