The Midtown Academy Staff


    Principal, Suzanne Bell Penny

    Office Manager, Andrea McKinney

    Food Service Manager, Arlita Price

    Kindergarten, Mallory Daly

    First Grade, Christina Engel                   

    Second Grade, Jen Kassel

    Third Grade, Jenny Obrebska

    Fourth Grade, Danielle Gallagher

    Fifth Grade, Malikah Al-Uqdah                                  

    Middle School Math/Economics, Lisa LeCompte

    Middle School Science/Geography, Sadie Baker

    Middle School LA/Humanities, Lee Homesley

    Music, Jennifer Smith        

    Art, Charlie Greenawalt 

    Fitness and Adventure, Chanell Glee       

    Intervention/Inclusion, Vivien Lopez

    Primary Team Instructional Associate, Vera Lane Mason

    Intermediate Team Instructional Associate, Austin Ward

    Middle School Instructional Associate, Christopher Chappelle

    Facilities Manager, Tim Randall