The Midtown Academy is: Uniting diverse communities, Igniting an enduring passion for learning, and Developing outstanding global citizens.

Hispanic Heritage Celebration
Hispanic Heritage Celebration
Close Encounters at BMA
  • Uniting Diverse Communities

    Throughout our school community, students from different backgrounds and different parts of the city are learning playing and working together.  The relationships between our students, teachers, and families are rooted in a foundation of collaboration, respect and a desire to better each and every member of our community.

    Igniting an Enduring Passion for Learning

    Students at Midtown dive deep into rich, relevant content enhanced by real-world experiences.  Students engage in collaborative problem solving as they study compelling topics.  As our middle school students are learning about the right to bear arms, the history of the 2nd amendment is juxtaposed with gun laws today and gun violence in Baltimore City.  1st grade students study the life cycle of a butterfly by harvesting their own caterpillars and releasing butterflies into nature.  4th grade scholars create an informative and inspiring video to educate communities about how to protect the Chesapeake Bay.

    Developing Outstanding Global Citizens

    Midtown aims to develop the whole student, including their awareness of the impact they can have on their community and beyond.  Students study topics through diverse perspectives to gain understanding of different cultures and experiences.  We help our students to see the world beyond their own experience and empower them to make change.