• The Youth Opportunity Academy opened its doors for the first time in August 2006 as an alternative high school program for Baltimore City School students. This program is the result of a partnership between the Mayor's Office of Employment and Development and the Baltimore City Public School System. We were originally designed to serve 120 students, but we now serve up to 175 over-aged and under-credited students. We offer flexible, innovative programming, individualized scheduling, experiential service-learning opportunities, filed trips, college tours, financial literacy, culinary arts education, as well as career-related education in an adult-like junior college setting.
    Our program is guided by a dynamic leader who ensures that staff is supported and able to continue on a steady trajectory of professional growth. All Youth Opportunity staff members have sought out employment with the Academy, and have been chosen by leadership to guide student learning and growth. The Mayor's Office provides career navigators who provide students with opportunities for career-readiness training, employment and internship coaching,  and academic support. 
    The Youth Opportunity Academy will continue to work in partnership with the Mayor's Office of Employment and Development to help our students overcome their educational barriers and achieve both academic and economic success.