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    Ms. Lewis, Mr. Messina and Mr. Southern are dedicated to providing rigorous and engaging fourth grade instruction. Our goal is to facilitate learning that readies their students for the challenges they will face in later in their academic careers and life beyond Cross Country. For those new to Cross Country, the fourth grade along with all of upper elementary is departmentalized. Your student will move through Language Arts, Mathematics and Science each day in addition their resource class.  In the fourth grade we enrich and extend the curriculum by engaging with community partners.  These partnerships allow our students to actively engage in learning in real-life situations. This takes many forms throughout the year, whether it is a field trip to the zoo to help understand climate change's impact on animal habitats or whether it's a walking field trip through the surrounding neighborhood to learn about different religious holidays and customs. In the fourth grade we teach our students that learning is a life skill, and that the world is our classroom.4th