• All principals

    Photo and contact information for principal directory

    Deadline: August 31

    The district is compiling a directory of contact information for all principals, to facilitate communication among school leaders and to help put faces to names. The directory will be an internal document only, and will be available to all school and district leaders via Office365. To assist communications department staff in preparing the document, please email the following to communications@bcps.k12.md.us by Friday, August 31:

    • A photograph of yourself. The photo should be portrait style, have been taken in the past year, show you alone, and be saved in jpg format. A photo taken on a cellphone is fine; simply ensure that you save and email in the highest resolution possible.
    • The cellphone number you prefer to use for work-related calls.
    • Your name as you would sign it on a formal letter and, if applicable, the name you use informally among colleagues (e.g., “Catherine M. Jones” formally, “Cathy Jones” informally).
    • Your school name.

    If you have questions, please contact the communications email address above.

    See additional items in the August 16, 2018, Leadership Action Update