• Submitting Items for the Leadership Action Update

    Every Thursday, action items and important information are shared in the Leadership Action Update, sent by email to school and district leaders. Leaders, in turn, are asked to share items with staff members affected. Note: If you have technical difficulty submitting your item, please try resubmitting from within a different browser.)

    Submissions are reviewed by City Schools' communications t

    Things to know before submitting

    • Only City Schools staff members can submit items for the Leadership Action Update.
    • Items must be approved by the responsible Cabinet officer prior to submission.
    • Items are posted on Thursday each week, and included in the Leadership Action Update email from the CEO that day.
    • Items must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday for inclusion in the Thursday update. After submission, all items are edited, formatted, and sent to the Chief of Staff for approval.
    • If an item contains a deadline for action, it must be a minimum of eight days from the day of intended posting. For example, if the item is intended for inclusion in the Leadership Action Update on Thursday, February 12, the deadline for the required action can be no earlier than Friday, February 20.
    • All items must be submitted using the form linked below. For assistance, please contact the City Schools Inside team by email or by phone at 410-545-1870.

    Submit your item here