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    Annual technology inventory

    Deadline December 21

    The annual technology inventory is set to begin Tuesday, January 2. Schools and district offices are responsible for identifying inventory managers and updating their technology inventories in the district inventory application. The Information Technology Office will provide technical support with the inventory application and answer any questions related to the process.

    By Friday, December 21, school leaders should identify and update their inventory manager in Principal’s Dashboard. For schools whose inventory manager will remain the same from last year, the end date for the role should be changed to June 30, 2019.

    Between January 2 and March 8, the inventory manager must conduct the inventory and update the information for the school or department. Inventory managers must be

    • A Baltimore City Public Schools employee who is able to lift a computer
    • Familiar with technology devices, the district inventory application, and Microsoft Excel
    • Responsible for updating the inventory database and “owning” unassigned assets in your building
    • Available to complete and maintain the inventory database

    Inventory managers must complete the online inventory training.

    For questions, please call the Service Support Center at 443-642-3000.

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