• All Title I Schools

    Annual Family and Community Engagement Conference

    Deadline: October 19

    School-based Title I family and community engagement (FCE) leads, principals, parent leaders, community school coordinators, and designees are invited to attend a professional development session from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., on Wednesday, October 24, at the Forum Caterers (4201 Primrose Avenue). Schools are encouraged to send a parent leader, FCE lead, and community partner. All Title I schools are required to send at least one representative. Attendees must register by October 19 (English/Spanish flyer).

    Participants will learn ways to engage families and community members in opportunities to support decision-making and advocacy at the school level. Topics will include:

    • How to develop and sustain effective School Family Councils (SFC) and FCE Committees
    • ESSA updates to the SY18-19 Title I Parent and Family Engagement allocation and strategy

    The event will include a mini resource fair with Blueprint-aligned exhibitors around parent leadership, student wholeness and home-school literacy. Breakout sessions will be led by members of the FCE team and community and school partners. 

    For questions, email the Engagement Office.

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