• All principals and assistant principals 

    Missing Q1 report card grades

    Deadline December 14

    Please work with staff to ensure that all missing first-quarter grades are entered into Infinite Campus no later than Friday, December 14. These grades must be entered to ensure that parents and students receive accurate information about student performance, transcripts are up to date, and composite scores for 5th and 8th grade students can be calculated for middle/high school choice. Please review this letter of expectations regarding grade entry and a timeline for resolving missing grades. To view the number of missing grades for your school, see Data Cleansing Report #126 in eweb. Mismatches of percentages to letter grades must also be resolved. These are also available in eweb; see Data Cleansing Report #135.

    The Achievement and Accountability Office will track and provide weekly missing grades updates beginning the week of December 10 to the Chief of Schools. As a reminder from a previous action update, the Infinite Campus grade-posting window for first-quarter report cards ended on November 9. If a student has transferred from another school, report card grades entered by the sending school should appear on the report card. If they do not, the sending school may not have posted them and you will need to consult with the school and request that they be entered. Resources are available in the Grade Reporting Bulletin.

    For questions about grade entry for teachers, please email Stacey Davis in the Teaching & Learning department; for questions about grade entry by office staff (once the posting window has closed), email Naima Cook. For all other questions, email Ben Goldberg in the Achievement and Accountability Office.

    See additional items in the November 29, 2018, Leadership Action Update