•  Study Abroad at Roland Park

    In the summer of 2013 the Roland Park 7thgraders took a trip to Peru, accompanied by Miss Lewis and Miss Mooney and organized through EF Educational Tours. This was an amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Roland Park students. At Roland Park, we think it is important to expose our students to a variety of cultures and give them an opportunity for hands-on learning around the world.

    Students are fortunate enough to get the opportunity to attend two trips abroad while here at Roland Park; one for social studies and one for foreign language (Spanish).

    Miss Mooney has taken her Spanish students to Costa Rica, Panama, and Ecuador, and the Galapagos Islands. While the social studies 7th grade class has gone to Peru and will travel to Greece this upcoming June. The Spanish trip happens in 8thgrade during spring break while the social studies trip occurs in the summer after 7thgrade.

    Here is the itinerary we followed in Peru to give a basic idea of these trips that Roland Park offers!

      Day 1/2 Lima –Students toured the city of Lima and went on an amazing walking tour of the City. 

      Day 3 –Cusco-Students explored Ancient Inca sites

      Day 4/5 - Aguascalientes, Machu Picchu- Students were able to explore one of the 7 Wonders of the world and hike down from Machu Picchu

      Day 6 - Sacred Valley of the Inca

      Day 7 - Return from Cusco through Lima to the U.S.


    The Spanish class just got back from Panama and these were some of the highlights…

    ·        Visiting the Panama Canal and discovering how it works

    ·        Taking a canoe tour and swimming excursion in a local river and eating a meal freshly-prepared by an indigenous group

    ·        Sight-seeing on a boat ride in GatúnLake to see the wildlife (monkeys, crocs, sloths, iguanas, and more)

    ·        Experiencing a zip-lining canopy adventure

    On June 12-21st a group of 50 traveled to Greece to see Athens and we did a cruise of the islands and it was amazing!

    Next year the 7th graders will be offered the opportunity to travel to Italy and Switzerland and Spanish classes can earn the chance to explore Costa Rica.

    The tours we’ve chosen were selected for offering a perfect balance of outstanding educational value and good old-fashioned fun!   Who wouldn’t love to... face their zip-line fears... feast on traditional cuisine... and meet the wildlife?

    Taking these trips in middle school might seem unusual as many districts only offer trips to high school students. However, we believe that having these life-changing experiences with peers before high school shapes students’ outlook on the remainder of their studies and their perception of the world in general. Students often come back from these excursions eager to travel and learn more about additional countries, motivated to learn foreign languages, appreciative of different lifestyles, and hopeful that they can borrow and apply at home ideas about conservation, cooking, and countless other aspects of life abroad.

    If your child would like to attend one of these educational tours all he/she needs to do is make sure his/her grades and his/her behavior are in good standing. Want to chaperone? The more the merrier! Just chat with Miss Lewis and Miss Mooney so that you can decide on the tour(s) you’d like to attend and discuss logistics. We look forward to discovering the world with you!

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    Miss Lewis jjlewis@bcps.k12.md.us
    Miss Mooney KMMooney@bcps.k12.md.us