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    The middle school robotics team had a great time at the state championships Saturday in Westminster, MD.  Not only were they the only middle school team from Baltimore City schools to attend, but they performed at a very high level while there. After seven qualification matches, they were in 6th place out of 28 teams from the state of MD, with 5 wins and 2 losses. They were alliance captains and made it to the semifinals where their alliance fell to the number one alliance after two hard fought matches. Place awards are not given at these events, but they came in what would be third place in the state of MD. They learned a wealth of knowledge while there and played with excellent sportsmanship and integrity. Their next and last competition of the season is in April at the BCPSS Hopkins Cup. They are looking forward to a big win on that day and will work hard to improve their robot in the next month. 

    Congratulations to Jamar Mackell, Jewoine Wilson, Brianna Cook, Heidy Barrera, Domonique Burgess, Nashya Maxwell, and Jerome Lyles.



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     Our middle school robotics students performed beautifully at their first competition on Saturday. Not only did they perform at such a high level, but they were good sports - shaking hands with competitors and they did a lot of networking by going to other teams (mostly high school students) and asking them about their robots or for help. They won 4 out of 6 competitions and were ranked 7th overall at the end of qualification rounds. The top 7 were chosen for the quarterfinals and our team quickly chose alliance partners. We won the first round and then lost in the semifinals (top 4 alliances competing). If you could have seen the caliber of robots they competed against! Amazing. They strategized with alliance partners and persevered in the game. Overall, Ms. Sudderth and Ms. Ganzzermiller were super impressed with our kids!