• Dress Code

    Everyday, every student, Pre-K through fifth grade, is expected to wear the school uniform.  This policy adheres to the guidelines of the Baltimore City Schools and has the support of the Federal Hill Prep School Family Council.  If you need assistance obtaining the proper uniform, please contact the office. 

    Clothes do not have to be purchased at any specific store.  Many stores have "uniform departments". You may want to check Target, Old Navy, the Gap, Lands End and many others. A logo shirt is also available from Lands End.

    To purchase the Lands End logo shirt, go to www.landsend.com/school and click on "find your school's dress code" (in the "Helpful Hints for Parents" section on the left side of the page). Under the School Name tab, scroll to choose your State and City. Next, enter "Federal Hill Preparatory School" to view the current dress code. The logo application fee is $5.50 and the Logo Number: is 0884915K. Our preferred school number is 900121963. 


    Clothing Guidelines


    ·     Navy blue polo shirt (long or short sleeve) with or without the school logo

    ·     Navy blue t-shirt – MUST have school logo

    ·     Navy blue cardigan sweater

    o   Students’ clothing will be free of writing and graphics other than the school logo



    ·     Khaki pants, skirts, skorts, or jumpers may be worn.

    o   The khaki bottom must sit at the waist and be belted, with no undergarments visible.

    o   Khaki shorts and skirts MUST be no shorter than one inch above the knee



    ·     Rubber soled, closed-toe shoes are required at all times.


    Gym Uniform (optional)

    ·     Navy blue athletic shorts or sweatpants

    ·     Navy blue CREW neck sweatshirt over a school t-shirt



    Prohibited Clothing Items:

    ·     Cargo pants, Capri pants

    ·     Hooded sweatshirts or hooded sweaters

    ·     Sandals, flip flops, boots of any kind (including UGG)

    ·     Purses or waist packs

    ·     Jewelry other than earrings

    o   No hoop style earrings(larger than a dime)


    Failure and/or refusal to adhere to the mandatory dress code policy will result in exclusion from field trips, assemblies,  extra-curricular activities, and other non-instructional activities. Students out of uniform will be offered a uniform shirt to wear for the day or to call home to have a uniform delivered.