What is PBIS?


     PBIS stands for “Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports.”  This is a program designed to reward students for positive behaviors, and to really guide children in understanding the part that their behavior plays in their learning at school.  When students are experiencing difficulty in exhibiting positive behaviors, PBIS allows us to make interventions for students in a systematic way.  Using PBIS means that all students are being treated equally and fairly, with emphasis on their learning rather than on the day to day “drama” of being a teenager.  PBIS also means that students with excellent behavior are rewarded, and not neglected in the stream of things.   We chose PBIS for our school because we value learning, and know that a student’s ability to learn is directly related to the classroom climate and how students are behaving.  We hope to encourage positive behaviors in all students  by having them understand clear expectations, and by being rewarded when they follow these expectations correctly and consistently.