• Parent-Teacher Conference Toolkit

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    Students do better in school when their families are engaged—and parent-teacher conferences are one way to involve parents in students' education. By talking with families, teachers can gauge student progress, reinforce expectations and support students who may be facing challenges. 

    But parents can help teachers, too. By talking with parents about students’ interests, the way they learn best or any personal concerns, teachers can learn ways to engage students better in the classroom, make connections to the real world, manage behavior and work with students' strengths.

    All schools are encouraged to hold quarterly conferences the week after progress reports are released. Two of these conference windows (usually fall and spring) include evening appointments to accommodate parents’ busy schedules.

    Please watch the video below for tips on how to prepare for parent-teacher conferences.



    Additional resources

    For teachers:
    orange arrow Parent-teacher conference RSVP form: Elementary and middle school  |  High school
    orange arrow Pre-conference survey for parents
    orange arrow Compact review sign-in sheet
    orange arrow Tips for teachers and administrators
    orange arrow Possible conference topics by quarter
    orange arrow Tips for parents