• When you are planning a field trip, make sure you fill out the Trip Summary Sheet at least 4 weeks prior to the date of your trip.  You will need to attach a copy of the Permission Slip and hand the paperwork in to Mrs. Fonseca and Mr. Jammal.  If you would like the cafeteria to provide lunches for the children, you will need to fill out the Bag Lunch Request form and hand it in to Ms. Brown at least 2 weeks prior to the field trip.  Each teacher should provide Ms. Brown with a list of students and their lunch numbers.  A list of attendees, including chaperones, should be turned in to the main office on the day of the field trip.
    To access the Trip Summary Sheet, click here.
    To access the Permission Slip form, click here.
    To access the Bag Lunch Request form, click here.
    To access the paperwork to request a bus, click here.
    If you are taking a field trip out of state, you will need the permission slip found here.
    Athletic Permission slips:  English     Spanish 
    You will find the paper for funds reimbursement here.