• The school’s mission, vision, core values, and motto must align and represent the brand and overarching message that the school and community stakeholders want to share with others.  The mission represents the school’s purpose, the vision represents the outcomes for students and staff, and the core values are the character traits and personal ideals that stakeholders hold themselves accountable to and internalize as they function in both the school and their lives.  The motto is a short phrase or slogan that excites and reminds stakeholders of the school’s purpose and goal. While each are separate in design, when combined they solidify, exemplify, and symbolize the entire organization and provide the unified goals and outcomes that all stakeholders work to accomplish.


    To develop 21st century staff and school leaders capable of facilitating research-based, highly-effective instructional practices that:

    1. Differentiates and customizes learning for all students,
    2. Authentically infuses and embeds instructional technology,
    3. Prepares students to excel in college and 21st century careers, and
    4. Gauges and develops students’ leadership potential to become investors in themselves, their communities, and productive members of society.


    Through collaboration and participation from community partners and school stakeholders, the mission of Waverly EMS is:

    To provide high-quality, tailored instruction for all students that increases personal investment, leadership development, and community responsibility to generate globally competitive students prepared for college, 21st century careers, and civil engagement.



    We expect every member of the Waverly EMS community to exemplify the following values as they communicate, interact, and represent themselves inside our school and external community environment:

    (Must be developed in collaboration with Waverly EMS stakeholders)



    L.E.A.D. at Waverly: (Learning, Engaged, Accountable, Determined)


    The diagram below is a visual representation of the alignment between the school’s mission, vision, core values, and motto