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    Abbottston Elementary School staff's mission, in concert with students, families, and the community, is to prepare all students to be responsible citizens and afford them the opportunity to acquire the skills, knowledge, and abilities necessary to make informed decisions that lead to success in the next level of their educational endeavors and their lives.
    To create an extremely effective school that is highly regarded for academic excellence and valued service to the community.
          I will strive to:
    • Use good manners;
    • Respect the rights and properties of others;
    • Carry out my academic responsibilities by working hard; and
    • Use the tool of learning to do the best job I can.

    Abbottston Elementary, #50 is located at the corner of Loch Raven Boulevard and Gorsuch Avenue in the northern section of Baltimore City near the Coldstream Park, Homestead and Montebello communities. The original structure was built in 1931. An annex to the school was constructed in 1962. Abbottston was under renovation from the winter of 2001 through the fall of 2004. Abbottston is now sharing a space with The Stadium School, #15.