• Field Trips

    About Field Trips 

    Field trips City Springs tries to provide field trips for students at no cost to families. All of our field trips are educational in nature, and serve to reward students for meeting expectations and good attendance. Since school funds the majority of the cost for trips, it is not possible for parents to attend most of the trips.


    We often receive donations from our external partners to send our students on field trips. We are extremely grateful to our partners for making it possible to broaden our students' experiences beyond their neighborhood and school.

    Upper School Social Events

    Each quarter, there will be a social event sponsored by The Upper School Team. In order for students to participate in quarterly field trips and social events, students will need to earn a minimum of 70% average in each subject for all of their Upper School subjects, a minimum of 70% average in each of their resource classes, and a minimum of 70% of their Dojo points. Please see the handbook for timelines of quarterly events that will be planned for the school year.