PBIS at Roland Park
    Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

    · In 2010, RPEMS began implementing strategies under a framework known as Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS). PBIS is a framework for implementing strategies that recognize positive behaviors in all areas of our building at all grade levels (K -8). For those who are unfamiliar with PBIS and would like more information, referring to www.pbis.org or www.pbismaryland.org would be a helpful resource to understand how this works.

    · PBIS is NOT a curriculum or scripted program,but its impact can be enhanced with direct delivery of character education.Character education includes teacher and support staff facilitated conversations and activities to build key personal characteristics including,but not limited to: trustworthiness, showing and earning respect, fairness,caring, responsibility to self and others and citizenship in school and in our community. The purpose of these activities is to enhance our students’social-emotional development and build a positive school climate, and they are ongoing throughout the year at RPEMS.

    · RPEMS staff reinforce the core of PBIS through “tier 1” support, which seeks to provide prevention strategies to all students (K to 8) by (a) explicitly teaching expectations (what to do, what not to do in all areas of the building), (b) providing frequent re-teaching and reminders to all students with regard to our “3Rs” (“Respectful, Responsible,and Ready to Learn”) and (c) providing opportunities for students to be recognized when they do the right thing and model positive behavior.

    · Students in all grade levels can earn blue“3R tickets” when they are observed to be: (a) showing exceptional “above and beyond” behavior in school, (b) are consistently doing the right thing on a regular basis, and (c) are showing improved effort toward behavioral goals to encourage them to keep up the good work.

    · Regarding student recognition, elementary students are able to turn in their tickets to earn small items from the “3R Store” on  a biweekly basis in the cafeteria.  Homeroom teachers assist students to review the “3R Catalog” and turn in their tickets.  Middle school students can turn in tickets to participate in event opportunities.  Most importantly, each grade level team develops a “3R Team Menu” at the beginning of the year. These menus give creative options for the students to earn opportunities and privileges both in and outside of the classroom, so that students have access to what are often more meaningful, non-tangible rewards for doing the right thing.

    · The PBIS Team (often in partnership with the RPEMS PTA and Annual Fund) also plan and host events based on student preferences (e.g. game day, theater productions, outside picnics, Orioles field trips, Maryland Zoo shows) that they children can access by turning in their 3R tickets as well.

    · RPEMS has Student Support Teams (SST) at all grade levels which include students’ teachers, administrators and support staff(including but not limited to social workers, psychologists, instructional support teachers, school nurse, etc.) to address the needs of at-risk students who are not consistently responding to tier 1 support. These interventions include more individualized action plans to identify student needs (including academic, behavior or attendance concerns) and decide on interventions collaboratively with caregivers.

    · In an effort to promote positive student relationships to foster a caring school climate, teacher-student mentoring is also made available at RPEMS for short or long term support to students to reach their personalized goals.