• Measuring Effectiveness: 
    The School Leader Effectiveness Evaluation

    City Schools recognizes its responsibility to provide the students of Baltimore City with a high quality education that prepares them for success in college and their careers. To do this, we are building systems to strengthen, support and measure effectiveness among teachers, school leaders and schools so that instruction and support for our students is consistently provided at the highest level.

    For students to succeed, teachers must succeed. School leadership plays an essential role in this by creating strong, well-supported instructional teams at their schools. A structured process helps school leaders succeed and provides the fundamental guidance and flexibility to develop a powerful culture designed for student success. This process begins with guidance from the School Leader Framework and Rubric, and includes measures of principals' professional practice and student growth that, when taken together, provides the comprehensive structure of a meaningful overall assessment. The School Leader Effectiveness Evaluation is informed by the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) and represents the culmination of nearly two years of collaborative development between school leaders, office staff and the Baltimore City Public School Administrators and Supervisors Administration (PSASA) focused on improving the quality and usefulness of the evaluation system. 

    The 2016-2017 School Leader Effectiveness Evaluation is designed to provide information about principal’s strengths and areas for improvement so that school leaders can reflect upon - and district leaders can appropriately support – school leaders' ongoing professional growth. This year’s evaluation includes the same components as last year’s to provide further consistency. 

    The evaluation is aligned closely with the Educational Leadership Policy Standards adopted by the National Policy Board for Educational Administration in 2008 to serve as both an affirmation of effective leadership and an opportunity to inform and improve practice.