• Measuring Effectiveness:
    City Schools' Teacher Effectiveness Evaluation

    Updated September 2018

    Every day, students walk through the doors of Baltimore’s schools filled with talent, dreams, and enormous potential. Our responsibility is to provide the world-class education that will empower them to hone their gifts and develop the skills they need to pursue the future that calls them. To do this, we are building systems to strengthen, support, and measure effectiveness among teachers, school leaders, and schools so that instruction and support for our students is consistently provided at the highest level.

    The Teacher Effectiveness Evaluation was designed to reflect the complexities of teaching and help improve student academic outcomes. To do this, teachers need an evaluation comprised of multiple measures and components designed to provide a more authentic and comprehensive understanding of their strengths and areas for improvement in an effort to continually improve their instructional practice. Within our performance management approach, employee evaluations provide school leaders and instructional coaches with opportunities to provide the right support and resources, tailored to foster a teachers' ongoing professional growth and help them grow within their roles.

    The Teacher Effectiveness Evaluation is the result of a collaborative effort between teachers, school leaders, and the Baltimore Teachers Union, and informed by the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR), research, and extensive piloting and field-testing. More information is available on City Schools Inside, including details related to: