•  Mrs. Means-Atiommo             Mr. Freeman

     Mrs. Means-Atiommo, Pre-K                       Mr. Freeman, 1st Grade
    Mr. McGlaughlin             Mr. Diedhou                                    
    Mr. McGlaughlin, 2nd/3rd Grade ELA         Mr. Diedhou, 2nd/3rd Grade Math and Science
    Mrs. Fields              Mr. Robinson
    Mrs. Fields, 4th/5th Grade ELA                    Mr. Robinson, 4th/5th Grade Math and Science
    Ms. Cornelius                Mrs. Dean
    Ms. Cornelius, Special Educator (Elementary)                  Mrs. Dean, Special Educator (Middle) 
    Ms. Moore             Ms. Smith       
    Ms. Moore, Middle School Math                 Ms. Smith, Middle School Social Studies
    Ms. Osunsanya  
    Ms. Osunsanya, Middle School Science 
    Mr. Zeif
              Mr. Zeif , Guidance Counselor