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    School Home Compact


    A compact is a plan of action that spells out what teachers, school staff and parents need.  I  will help children meet state education standards.  It is also a requirement that schools have a compact for children in its Title I program.  The goal is I will help all students, especially students who are furthest from meeting state standards.


    School Agreement:

    1.       I will make school a safe and positive place for learning and handle emergencies according to BCPSS guidelines

    2.       I will set high standards and provide explicit instruction that promotes success on state and local test.

    3.       I will make requirements clear such as school rules and expectations to promote respect for themselves and others.

    4.       I will give daily homework that builds on classroom learning and extends learning to the home.

    5.       I will encourage parents to share opinions and skills by joining the S.I.T. and other committees within the school.

    6.       I will provide workshops to help parents support learning at home that will support academic success on the MSA test and local test.

    7.       I will provide a variety of ways to communicate with parents to get involved and to keep parents informed of progress: telephone calls, letters, report cards, intervention reports, newsletters, notices, and face-to-face talks/conferences at the parents’ convenience.


    Parent Agreement:

    1.   I will make sure my child gets to school daily and on time at 7:45 a.m., prepared for school.

    2.   I will set a good example by letting my child see me read to pass on a love for reading

    3.   I will cut down on TV watching and direct children to programs that are age appropriate.

    4.   I will talk to my children about school and encourage my child to come to you with any problems.

    5.   I will provide a quiet place and a specific time for homework and study.

    6.   I will review my child’s homework for understanding and completion (but will not do the work for him/her).

    7.   I will praise his/her efforts and ask about areas of difficulty.

    8.   I will communicate with the teacher to know what is expected of my child in class.

    9.   I will attend workshops that are being offered that will help my child succeed in school.

    10. I will volunteer, sharing my time and talents with my child’s class or within the school.

    11. I will join the PTA, which gives more say in decisions that affect my child.

    12. I will encourage my child to follow all school rules and to respect those who are responsible for my child’s care.


    Student Agreement:

    1.       I will complete all schoolwork, which includes homework and special projects, on time and neatly, following all directions.

    2.       I will come to school on time at 7:45 a.m. and prepared with all tools – notebooks, pencils, etc.

    3.       I will follow all school rules and show respect for my teachers and classmates, as well as all school staff.

    4.       I will agree to watch a limited amount of TV each day and read a minimum of 20 minutes a day.

    5.       I will be the best I can be, at all times and set goals for high academic achievement to become proficient in all areas.

    6.       I will seek help from family, teachers and counselors if I am having difficulty.


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