• The following workshops can be organized and held at our school, often at no cost. To request a workshop, contact us at 410-396-0837. 

    Workshop Options

    Promoting Health, Safety and Well Being

    • Are You Smarter Than a Smart Phone: How You Use Technology and How Technology Uses You
      The House Of Ruth Maryland presents a workshop discussing the definition of technology abuse. Parents will be given ways to protect themselves and their child (ren) when on-line and when using other forms of technology. Parents will also be given suggested safe responses for handling technology abuse. 

    • Better Breathing for Baltimore!
      According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, asthma-related illnesses are the number one reasons children are absent from school and the biggest cause of childhood emergency room visits. The University of Maryland Hospital for Children (UMHC) wants to help you and your family reverse this trend. Join UMHC for this workshop which will help you identify and minimize some of the conditions in your home that can trigger asthma attacks.

    • CPR and First Aid Certification
      This workshop is an 8-hour training session for parents and teachers to become certified in CPR and First Aid. The course content includes adult, child, and infant choking, first aid, and CPR certification. Participants will learn about the techniques and procedures of CPR and First Aid, practice on a dummy, and then demonstrate what they have learned through a test at the end of the session. Those who pass the test will be certified in CPR and First Aid.

    • The Effects of Media on Our Children
      Explore the world of media- print, TV, radio, the Internet, cell phones and social networks – and learn how images and messages influence the attitudes, self-esteem, character and behaviors of your child. This series of fun, hands-on-workshops will give you the tools and resources you need to take back control and use media to help your child learn and grow.

    • Food for Focus

      Food for Focus teaches families to cook once but eat twice! This five-week series assists families in meal planning and including more fruit, vegetables and grains into their diet. Families also leave with great recipes and learn about the benefits of exercise. 

    • Getting More Fruits and Vegetables into Your Family's Diet 
      A series of presentations on family nutrition with a focus on discovering ways to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in our diets. The initial meetings will reinforce core nutritional concepts including MyPyramid (previously called the food pyramid) and family meal planning on a budget. As we move through the seasons, participants will learn easy tips for incorporating healthier food including fruits and vegetables into their diets in new and interesting ways. Within each meeting, participants will participate in a food, cooking and/or gardening demonstration and will be given additional resources to take home including recipes, nutritional handouts, booklets and gardening resources.

    • Giving a Fish a Bath: The Untold Story of the Adolescent Mind

      This workshop presented by The Upside Down Organization will focus on the recent discoveries in neuroscience that shows how the brains of teens really work and the special “brain-based” challenges facing adolescents as they mature. You will learn the inside secrets of the teenage brain and be able to boost your skills in teaching, guiding, mentoring and motivating the teen mind.

    •  Green Cleaning Gathering

      Baltimore City Health Department’s Healthy Homes program presents a workshop to teach you how to clean your home and get rid of unwanted pests without using toxic chemicals that can harm you and your family.  This practical workshop takes participants through the process of making their own green cleaning solutions and demonstrating their effectiveness compared to commercial cleaners.  Non-toxic methods for getting rid of pests are also demonstrated and explained.  Incentives and door prizes related to green cleaning and safe pest management will be given.

    • Healthy Eating, Healthy Living 
      University of Maryland Extensions Program presents a series of four (4) FREE weekly adult mini-workshops on healthy eating and healthy living. Learn the real scoop on what healthy eating is really about and how to apply good nutrition practices to a hectic modern lifestyle. Come join us as we look at food labels, learn to build strong bones and go lean with protein! 

      There will be LIVE FOOD DEMONSTRATIONS! 
    • Home Safety Gathering

      Baltimore City Health Department’s Healthy Homes program presents a fun, hands-on workshop that focuses on ways to keep your family safe from in-home environmental hazards. Discussion topics include lead, fire hazards, and injury prevention. Childhood development is also included as a way to understand the effects of lead poisoning. Incentives and door prizes related to environmental health provide the tools to carry out the recommendations included in this gathering.

    • I’m Scared For My Teen: Talking to Your Teen About Dating Violence
      This workshop presented by The House Of Ruth Maryland will help parents in recognizing the warning signs of teen dating abuse from the perspective of both the victim and potential abusers. Some of the topics that will be discussed include: how to build healthy relationships and ending unhealthy relationships with safety in mind.

    • Jack's Brain, Jill's Brain: Why Gender Differences Matter

      The Upside Down Organization presents a workshop on how the brains of females and males are developmentally, structurally and functionally different.

    •  Keeping Your Children Safe: Tips on Preventing Child Abuse in Your Family

      This presentation by the Baltimore Child Abuse Center will provide parents/caregivers with the facts about child abuse, signs of child abuse and information on how to protect children from being victimized. 

    • Parent Stress Reduction Series
      Presented by Holistic Life Foundation, Inc., parents will be taught a combination of breathing techniques, stretches, centering exercises, acupressure, tai-chi, and meditations, as tools to effectively reduce stress in their lives.  Parents will learn to identify the stressors in their lives, as well as how they physically and mentally respond to stress.  This will help them to properly recognize when to utilize these stress reduction techniques. Ways to integrate these stress reduction tools into their home-lives will also be taught, as well as activities that can be practiced by the entire family to reduce the overall stress level of their homes.

    • Parenting Your Adolescent: Communicating, Connecting & Accepting
      Parenting an adolescent can be challenging and frustrating, but it can also be enjoyable and fulfilling. Join Loyola Clinical Centers as they discuss: 
      • Common myths about adolescents
      • Effective ideas and strategies to help you communicate
      • Ways to connect with your teen in order to build stronger, healthier relationships                   
    • Project POWER!
      Presented by the American Diabetes Association, this four-week series of workshops will help families live healthier, more active lives while learning how to avoid one of the greatest urban health risks: type II diabetes. Project POWER is a series of fun, interactive workshops that combines fitness activities with valuable information on how to avoid and cope with the disease.

    • Promoting Social-Emotional Competence: Protecting Children from Bullying
      As adults who care about and for children, you know that bullying causes children great pain and suffering. Whether children are victims, bystanders, or bullies, bullying behaviors hurt.   

      The good news is that we can help. One of the best ways to prevent and address bullying is to enhance social-emotional competence, which helps children to get along with each other, feel good about themselves, problem solve, resolve conflicts effectively, and manage emotions. Social-emotional competence now helps children grow into tomorrow’s healthy, happy, and successful adults.


      Mariposa Child Success Programs has developed a new online anti-bullying program for Baltimore City Schools’ families and educators. Promoting Social-Emotional Competence: Protecting Children from Bullying is the result of a yearlong joint development effort between City Schools and Mariposa. Mariposa’s anti-bullying seminars and training programs have been presented in numerous City Schools for several years. A new, free online version of this program is available City Schools’ families, teachers, and administrators. Once your school registers for this workshop, families and educators can easily access online materials and techniques that will help reduce bullying in our schools, homes, and communities.


      Promoting Social-Emotional Competence: Protecting Children from Bullying combines education with strategies, allowing educators and families to develop specialized methods for decreasing bullying and improving child outcomes. The online program includes a parent track  and an educator track. Each track provides an introduction to bullying, explores the importance of social-emotional competence, outlines five essential skills adults can use to promote social-emotional competence in young people, and offers specific training methods to effectively use each of those five skills.

    • Secrets of the Stressed-Out Brain: What Really Happens in There and What You Can Do To Conquer Stress!
      This presentation by The Upside Down Organization will explore new research on the brain and how that research has dramatically improved our understanding of stress and how it impacts our thinking and behavior.

    • Taking Charge of Asthma
      Taking Charge of Asthma is an interactive workshop for anyone concerned about children with asthma. Some of the topics include: asthma symptoms and prevention, how to cope in crises and how to reduce asthma triggers in your home. 
    • The Teen Years Explained: A Guide to Healthy Adolescent Development
      The Teen Years Explained, presented by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health's Center for Adolescent Health, will guide parents and caregivers, teachers, community members, youth workers and anyone with an interest in supporting positive youth development.
    • The Saddest Song: Teens, Suicide and the Developing Brain
      Presented by The Upside Down Organization; this workshop will introduce parents to the research showing how the adolescent brain develops and functions as it relates to depression and suicidal behavior.

    • Rethinking Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): What Works, What Doesn't and Why
      Children and youth with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) have unique brains. Like all brains, ADHD minds have strengths and weaknesses. In this workshop presented by The Upside Down Organization, you will learn the twelve(12) power tools for maximizing the strengths and minimizing the contextual weaknesses of the ADHD brain.
    • Working With Your Landlord
      Baltimore City Health Department’s Healthy Homes program presents a roundtable discussion focusing on the responsibilities and rights of tenants and landlords, and attempts to dispel some common myths.  Tenants will learn how to use Notices of Defect to get structural repairs made, and when and how to use Rent Escrow.    

    Raising Your Child: Parenting Strategies and Best Practices

    • Becoming a Love and Logic Parent®
      Becoming a Love and Logic Parent®, is a seven (7) part workshop series that provides simple and practical techniques for raising children of all ages, backed by 35 years of successful implementation through the Love and Logic® Institute (LoveAndLogic.com). The Love and Logic® approach helps participants do the following:

        o Raise responsible, respectful children who own and solve their own problems
        o Raise children that are ready for the "real world" and its many consequences
        o Help children develop self confidence and dignity
    The Love and Logic® approach also teaches the participants to have fun while they use it!
    Love and Logic® is a philosophy of raising and teaching children, which allows, adults to be happier, more empowered, and more skilled in their interactions with children. Love allows children to grow through their mistakes. Logic allows children to live with the consequences of their choices.
    This workshop series will include workbooks free of charge, for the first 30 participants to arrive!
    • Does "NO" Ever Mean "YES"? Domestic Violence Exposed
      The Berlack Method, LLC and SharperMinds Consultants have partnered together to form a series of parent support and information sessions to be held every third Thursday of the month. The second presentation Does "NO" Ever Mean "Yes"?  Domestic Violence Exposed, is designed to educate children and families about the issues surrounding domestic violence and how to assist these families in leading healthy, successful and productive lives. 
    • Hanging Out & Hooking Up: Preparing Your Teen for Healthy Sexual Relationships
      Presented by The House of Ruth Maryland, this workshop will review the legal definitions for consent and discuss difficult situations that teens may encounter regarding consent. Parents will learn ways to help their teen set healthy boundaries, expectations, and how to engage their teen(s) to talk about sex. 
    • Keep the Connection
      This eight-week series of workshops engages parents and caregivers by discussing the problems you may face raising your children and sharing what goals, hopes and dreams you have for them. Guided by a skilled and nurturing leader, those who choose to take these workshops will share what behaviors you would like to see in your children and then learn the best ways to strengthen your relationships. You will also learn how to listen and be heard and how to help your children grow as expected. 

    • Navigating the Juvenile Justice System in Maryland 
      United Parents of Incarcerated Children and Youth presents “Navigating the Juvenile Justice System in Maryland”, a two day workshop that will explore the history and principles of the juvenile justice system as it relates to family involvement and high-risk youth.  Some topics will include:

      • Knowing Your Rights
      • Critical Elements of System Terminology
      • How Community Can Effect Family Engagement
      • Effective Advocacy Skills
    • Raising Children in a Toxic Society

      This workshop will examine the role of single parents raising children in tough communities. Participants will complete several activities focused on the power of parental engagement.

    • Raising Him Alone
      Based on the Raising Him Alone Campaign, this supports positive black male development. It focuses specifically on the needs of single mothers and grandmothers who are raising male children. National estimates purport that 70% of black children are being raised by single mothers. This alarming trend has created an enormous set of academic and social challenges for fatherless boys. 

    • Reclaiming Fatherhood
      The Urban Leadership Institute presents a workshop focusing on celebrating fatherhood and exploring strategies to support health father and child bonds. Sessions will also address male parenting strategies. 

    • The Chicago Parent Program 
      The Chicago Parent Program is an innovative and culturally rich educational curriculum that helps parents learn new skills for raising young children. Developed in collaboration with African-American and Latino parents, the program features a combination of video and parent group discussions specifically designed to address the issues of greatest concern to parents raising children in urban environments. The curriculum is grounded in the assumption that parents play a critical role in shaping children's behavior and personality as role models and through their interactions. 

    • To Know Me is to Love Me: Understanding Your Child’s Personality Preference, Love Language, Learning Style, Character and Multiple Intelligences
      This workshop series will introduce parents to the essential components that make up their child’s inner workings. Some topics will include: learning styles, personality preferences, love languages, character, and multiple intelligences. Parents will be given tools and resources needed to help understand their child; support their child’s academic success and love for learning; and learn how to nurture healthy relationships, positive self-image, esteem and attitude.

    • Parent UP! Who's Parenting Who?
      Presented by The Berlack Method, this workshop “PARENT UP! WHO’S PARENTING WHO?” is designed to inform parents, students and the community about some of the “best practices” in raising children in today’s world. Some discussion topics will include: 

      • The Parent Trap
      • Parent interventions
      • Where to turn for parenting help
      • Are you the friend or parent? 

    Getting Involved at Your Child's School

    • Becoming a Parent Leader in Your Child's School 
      Are you motivated by a desire to improve your child's school? In today's world of higher expectations for school performance, achievement gaps and shrinking budgets parents may feel bewildered about how they can best help their school. Where do you start? What kind of contribution really matters?  This session addresses these questions and shares tips with parents to help them become leaders in their children's schools. 

    • Building Successful Relationships That Benefit Student Success 
      Building trusting relationships between parents, teachers and school leaders is an important factor for developing effective schools and improving outcomes for students. Presented by the National PTA, this workshop discusses effective ways to strengthen communication and build trusting relationships between parents and teachers. Participants will also gain critical information to help them understand their child’s academic progress and they will discuss strategies for enhancing relationships with school leadership.

    • Launching and Strengthening Organized Parent Groups at Schools: Let's Get Organized
      Learn how to start an organized parent group at your school or strengthen the group already in place. Strengthen and build your base, increase your membership and establish a group structure that works for your school community. Also, gather organizational tips and best practices for engaging your families. Whether you are a newly formed organized parent group or an existing group, this session is for you!

    • Learn and Earn Parent Conference
      The Urban Family Engagement Initiative (UFEI) sponsored by The National PTA and local sponsors presents the Learn and Earn Parent Conference. The conference promotes strengthening the partnership between parents, schools, and the community.  You will have the opportunity to find out what your child will be learning in school and how you can support your child's academic success. You will be able to attend morning and afternoon workshops of your choosing. Workshop topics include:

      • Parents' rights and responsibilities
      • Being an effective parent leader    
      • Goal setting for your child's future
      • Navigating the Common Core State Standards
      • Healthy lifestyles
      • Keeping your child safe on the Internet

               You will receive FREE school supplies when you bring your child's report card to the conference! 

    • Parents' Rights and Responsibilities in the School System 
      Presented by National PTA, Urban Family Engagement Initiative, this session covers parents' legal rights and responsibilities in the schools specifically in relation to No Child Left Behind policies and parent and student rights such as equal access to public school programs and the rights of English Language Learners. 

    • Positive Ways Parents Can Partner with the Teacher to Create a Healthy and Safe Climate in School
      Parents and educators share a common goal- academic success for the children. Research shows that a strong relationship and positive communication between families and teachers has a huge impact on kids' grades. Good news!...the same applies for setting a peaceful atmosphere for learning in the classroom. Come learn easy steps from the professionals at Loyola Clinical Center, about your role in making the place where your child spends most of their time a good place to grow into a life-long learner! Help your child & his/her teacher create a setting which makes them both want to be there! 

    • Rights, Responsibilities, Expectations & Goals: A Guide for Parents of High School Students
      An overview of parent’s rights and responsibilities, graduation requirements for Baltimore City students, and college and career planning.

    Supporting Learning at Home

    • It's Online: Using Parent Portal to Support Your Child
      Parent Portal is an online tool to help parents better track and support their child's academic progress. Parents can view grades, attendance, disciplinary actions, as well as progress reports, vaccination records and student homework resources. This training is offered in two sessions to help you navigate the Parent Portal system.

    • Leading with Literacy
      What is the benefit of knowing a good story if you can't share it? Please join the National PTA as families enjoy a morning of fun-filled activities that celebrate the benefits of reading together to increase your child's academic skills. Each family will be given a FREE book for your child's personal library! All are invited to this must attend event! 

    • Raising Children Who Love to Read
      This series of four workshops provides opportunities for parents to succeed in their role as their child's first teacher, and align classroom literacy activities with reading and mathematics fun in the home. Families will receive training, resources and support to fully share in literacy activities. This support is designed to help parents strengthen their own literacy and parenting skills, as they read to and work with their children at home. Parents will be able to use activities that they make at each workshop session.

    Making Smart Financial Decisions

    • Basic Financial Literacy
      Many of us have made financial mistakes in our lifetimes—costly errors that we wish we’d had the knowledge to avoid.  A lot of us learned money lessons from the school of hard knocks; we know firsthand the fear, stress, and worry that go hand-in-hand with money problems. The Urban Leadership Institute presents the Basic Financial Literacy workshop which focuses on all aspects of money management.

    • Energy Saver’s Workshop: Connecting You to Energy Saving Resources and Opportunities
      Join the Baltimore Energy Challenge to learn how you can reduce your monthly utility bills by as much as 12.8%! The Energy Saver’s Workshop will provide families with FREE programs, resources, and energy saving tips to help them save on their energy bills. Qualifying families will be connected to programs that will provide them with free home energy improvements.

      Also during this workshop you will learn easy “DO-IT-YOURSELF” improvements such as:
      • Caulk window and doors
      • Install pipe insulation
      • Install insulating window plastic
      • Install outlet draft stoppers
    FREE Energy Savers Kit will be given! Bring your BGE bill with you and receive another FREE gift !!!
    • Family Finance Workshop
      While it may seem family finances are a challenge, no situation is hopeless! Families can come out of debt and increase family wealth and family bonding. Increasing family wealth can lead to more opportunities to relieve family financial stress and help develop a sustainable family finance system. Workshop topics include: 
      • Free Your Family from Debt
      • The Four Family Keys to Financial Success
      • Planting Family Seeds to Grow Your Own Money Tree
      • Your Credit Score: It's Not as Bad or as Permanent as You May Think
    • Nickel and Dime Your Way to Wealth
      The 7 Wealthy Habits for Successful People Family Institute Financial Literacy Workshop

    Would you like to have control over your money and not feel like it is in control of you? Join author, talk show host, TV personality Deborah Owens as she shares the seven wealthy habits that lead to financial security.  Participants will learn how: small change can bring big results, money works, your outlook on life determines your outcome, to build wealth and not debt, to put their savings on automatic pilot and why it's never too late to begin.

    Each participant will receive an autographed copy of the book Nickel and Dime Your Way to Wealth and a workbook that will show how anyone can build wealth.

    • The Baltimore Credit Improvement Program
    The Baltimore Credit Improvement Program is a community-based financial literacy initiative to improve credit as an asset to self sufficiency.  Community Action Centers in partnership with Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Maryland and Delaware will administer this multi-layered program to include Household Credit Workshops, Credit Report Acquisitions and Review, as well as one-on-one Case Management.

    Attendance is FREE and open to everyone. 

    Planning for College
    • College Savings Plans of Maryland: Start Early. Save Smart
      The College Savings Plans of Maryland offer a variety of ways to help realize you and your child's dream of affording college. Whatever they'll eventually grow up to be: a lawyer, architect, writer or teacher, saving for college is an important first step in making it happen. The College Savings Plans of Maryland provide flexible and affordable plans to help Maryland families save for future college expenses and reduce dependence on student loans and other forms of debt. 

    • FAFSA Help Session
      Participants will receive assistance in completing the financial aid application process. 

    • Make the Choice to be College Ready
      This workshop will encourage families and students to think about their interest and start planning now for college and a career. The workshop will help parents and students understand why the choices they make today will affect their options later on. Families will get advice on what classes students should take in middle school and high school to get them “college-ready.” 

    • Preparing for College, It's Never too Early to Start
      This workshop encourages families to discuss the importance of college with their children at an early age and share tips parents should be considering as they begin helping their student prepare. Parents review the importance of a student's grade point average, class rank, course sequence when applying for college and scholarships.


    School-Based Trainings and Learning Opportunities for Families:
    • Back to School Night
    • Math Night
    • MSA Classes for Parents
    • Homework Training
    • Science Fair Projects Workshop