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      Welcome to the Library/Media Center   

    Here you will find books to read, media, and activities to utilize both during and after school so you can enjoy and extend reading and learning 24/7 beyond the school day!

    You’ll also see projects we create and publish as we learn together through the year and our monthly "Media Center Star Scholars".


      Koha is the on-line catalog used by Baltimore City Public Schools. An ON-LINE CATALOG, or OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) is a listing of all items held in the library. Whenever a new item is added to our collection, the librarian enters the item into the library's online catalog database (the computer) where information about the item including author's name, title, summary of item, subject classification, etc. is separated into different categories called"fields".

    These different fields are then used to search for desired materials. Users are able to search the contents of the ON-LINE CATALOG by typing in either a:

    • Keyword

    • Subject

    • Title

    • Author

    • ISBN #