• Student Personal Goal Setting 

    Set a goal for achievement each marking period. Start with quarter 1.



    Quarter 1

    Quarter 2

    Quarter 3

    Quarter 4

    English/Lang. Arts (ELA)















    History/Social Studies







    Physical Education (PE)

    Library Media

    Fine Arts








    What can I do to support reaching my personal goals?

    ***Commit to participating in every class. Monitor your choice of friends and limit socializing at school.



    ·       You are required to read a minimum of 30 minutes a day. Go beyond the 30 minutes. Turn in your daily reading log for credit toward your grade.

    ·       Challenge yourself to read 100 Books in the 100 Book Challenge.

    ·       Join a reading circle. See your ELA teacher.

    ·       Read and work online at Scholastic.com, Study Island.com or other websites.

    ·       Use your library card to check out your favorite authors and titles.


    ·       Keep a Journal

    ·       Practice using standard English (We write the way we speak.)

    ·       Submit an article to the school newspaper. Collaborate with a friend or a parent to write an article.

    ·       Participate in the Debate Team.


    Track your grades via JupiterGrades.com.

    Attend the after school program.

    Attend coach class as soon as you notice your grades are slipping.

    Talk with your teachers and parents. They want you to do well and will make valuable suggestions.