• The Student Support Team (SST) is made up of professionals that work with parents and staff members to help ensure student success. Parents or teachers might seek SST help for a student if:

    • a student is having learning problems and/or
    • a student is having behavior problems.

    Student Support Team members are the Social Worker, Special Educator, General Educator, Administrator and School Psychologist. 

    To start the process, a referral is made to the SST to inform the team of a student's behaviors or academic skills
    that are of concern. The SST Chair will contact the family.

    The SST Chair and teachers will work together to find out more information about the student. Parents provide information about the student's social developmental history.

    The Team will present information about the student to SST. The SST will decide to close the referral because the problem has been solved or develop an intervention plan with teachers.

    The Intervention Plan
    SST and the teachers will develop an intervention plan. This plan:

    • is customized for the student
    • consists of scientific research-based interventions
    • lists strategies for the teachers, parents, and student to use
    • is used for a trial period of 4-6 weeks
    • is then scheduled for review
    Review of the Intervention Plan
    The teachers and case manager present an update on the plan and any additional information to the SST. The intervention plan is evaluated by looking at academic or behavioral data collected over the 4-6 weeks. Other interventions may be tried if the original ones do not work.

    Recommend Possible Outcomes
    The SST will recommend possible outcomes after interventions. Outcomes could include:
    • closing the referral because the intervention plan works
    • referring for more in-depth evaluation, which could result in consideration for special education services
    • referring to other support services (i.e., mental health agencies or 504 committee)
    • assigning a SST member to monitor the student's progress