• The Child Study Team (CST)  a group of professionals hired by the district to determine the most appropriate educational program for children classified with disabilities.
    The mission of City Schools, in concert with students, families, and the broader community, is to prepare all students to be responsible citizens and afford them the opportunity to acquire the skills, knowledge, and abilities necessary to make informed decisions that lead to meaningful and productive lives.
    Our mission is to identify students who meet the federal and state criteria as a student with a disability requiring special education and to provide services that empower them to become active members of society based on their individual strengths and abilities. We are committed to integrate students to the maximum extent appropriate to meet their needs with consideration given to protecting the integrity of the regular curriculum for all students and providing a caring community of dedicated staff and involved parents that meets the diverse needs of all of our students in a respectful and positive environment.
    Using the combined knowledge and experience of the individuals on the IEP team to look closely at a student’s unique needs and to write an effective IEP for a student with a disability that must help the student to be involved in, and progress in, the same curriculum as for student without disabilities general education curriculum—that is,. The IEP guides the delivery of special education and related services and supplementary aids and supports for the student with a disability. The Initial Meeting Meeting is the 1st meeting held to determine if there is a suspected disability. If there is a suspected disability, the team will order assessments when there is not enough information presented to determine the disability.

    The Initial Eligibility meeting is the first meeting after the student has been assessed to determine the need for special education and/or related services. It is held after the assessments or testing is performed. The meeting will discuss the findings, determine eligibility for special education and proceed to develop and IEP and make a placement decision.

    Annual/Review/Revise Meeting is held annually and reviews the IEP goals and objectives. It will reference the previous year’s IEP and include reports from the various disciplines serving the student, but those reports will not necessarily reflect significant formalized.