Baltimore City Minimum Requirements: For students to be eligible they may only fail (a 59% or less) 1 class from the previous year.  Students must be 14 years old or younger as of Aug 31st of the current year. 


    1. Attendance

    Our philosophy is that if you are on a team…you commit to being with the team during practice and games.


    2 Practices—will be Monday-Friday from 4:00-5:30pm. 


    3. Dressing for practice and games—

                      Clothing… Students MUST HAVE: tennis shoes, basketball shorts, and a t-shirt to practice in each and every day.  No School uniforms. 

                     Uniform/Equipment…Athletes will be given a uniform.  We ask that athletes take good care of the equipment and the uniform distributed to them for the season. If any of these items are lost or damaged, the athlete must pay replacement costs.


    4. Academics are important to all of us. Encourage your child to keep their grades up. If they are struggling, we may ask them to sign up for homework help after school to raise their grades. Students must pass their classes to be on the basketball team.  Remember students are academic athletes, Academics comes first, then Athlete.  If at the end of the quarter grades are not where they need to be, students will be dismissed from the team.

    5. Respect and good behavior at all times shown toward coaches, teammates, teachers, peers, and other schools. Consequences may include additional workout at practice, limited time on the court during games, removal from game(s), or dismissal from the team. This will be up to the coach’s discretion.