• We are excited to share that at Vivien T. Thomas Medical Arts Academy we have established a program under the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) framework. The program is titled the “Pathway to Success:  PRIDE Incentive Program.” The “Pathway to Success: PRIDE Incentive Program,” is school-wide program that is designed to improve the overall academics and behavior of the school environment; therefore improving the success of all students. The purpose of the program is to promote positive success within the school environment and to reward students who do well both academically and behaviorally.(PRIDE). Examples of what those positive behaviors look like are shown in the table below. The Pride Incentive Program focuses on five target behaviors for success. We expect our VTTMAA students to be: Prepared, Respectful, Involved, Diligent, and Excellent

    As a part of the program, when students demonstrate the target behaviors, they are to be rewarded with “P.R.I.D.E.scriptions” for doing so (using the criteria above as a guide). P.R.I.D.E.scriptions are tickets that resemble a prescription and are given to students when they are “caught” exhibiting targeted behaviors.  Students turn in the tickets at the appropriate venue in order to have a chance to win weekly prizes and/or the chance to attend incentives.  Monthly rewards are given to classes that collect the most group “P.R.I.D.E.scriptions.”

    Students are expected to hold on to their P.R.I.D.E.scriptions. The reward for earning P.R.I.D.E.scriptions will be weekly/monthly prizes and/or a chance to attend incentives. Information about incentives will be forthcoming.

    It is our hope that we will all work together to ensure that the PRIDE Incentive Program is successful.  Parents/Guardians, please encourage your child to engage in positive behaviors and aim for success.






    MTA/Bus/School Grounds



    Bring appropriate materials

    Turn off and put away all electronic devices

    Put all food and drink away

    Be on time to class

    Wear uniform at all times

    Have money and ID number ready for cashier

    Wear uniform at all times

    Carry a pass and keep it visible at all times

    Wear uniform at all times

    Be on time

    Watch for your stop

    Wear uniform at all times

    Carry a pass and keep visible at all times

    Wear uniform at all times


    Use positive, appropriate language

    Raise your hand before speaking

    Follow directions given by any school staff

    Keep your hands to yourself

    Ask permission to leave your seat

    Speak kindly to food service personnel and other staff

    Respond to silent countdown in a timely manner

    Speak to your neighbors with your “inside” voice

    Walk to the right

    Keep your hands to yourself

    Use appropriate language

    Talk quietly

    Respect others privacy

    Speak kindly to others

    Use bathroom equipment and supplies appropriately


    Complete all class assignments

    Stay on task for entire class period

    Contribute to classroom discussions

    Contribute to group assignments

    Wait for your turn

    Walk to the right

    Attend lockers during assigned times only

    Stay in your seat at all times

    Return to class promptly when finished


    Submit all in class and home assignments

    Maintain an organized binder

    Attend coach class and Saturday School for extra support

    Place all trash in trash cans

    Clean table and floor area

    Get materials from locker before/after school quickly

    Do not eat or drink on the bus

    Keep bathroom clean


    Utilize “Not Yet Graded”

    Be a role model for your peers

    Pursue opportunities to prepare for your future

    Practice good manners

    Maintain a clean hallway

    Maintain a safe and orderly environment

    Obey bathroom rules