College Center

    What We Do:

    Welcome to the Vivien T. Thomas Medical Arts Academy College Center. Our goal is to prepare and assist students in transitioning from high school to an array of post-secondary pursuits. The opportunities for students are endless: four-year school, two-year school, apprenticeship, military, or entering the world of work with state/national board certifications in the health professions. The choice is yours. We prepare our students for all of these options, so at the end of the day our students have choices. The first step to any of these pathways is strong academics. From the first day of the ninth grade until the last day of the twelfth grade, it is important that students stay focused on maintaining their grades. Strong academics increase the number of choices that students have. Our goal is to support students in conjunction with teachers, families and the community to develop students that become successful and skilled individuals.

    Our Goals

    The goals of our staff, programming and outreach activities are:

    - To guide students in seeking colleges that are a good “fit”—academically, personally and socially;
    - To assist students and parents in more fully understanding the college selection process;
    - To facilitate the college admission and financial aid application processes.

    We also seek to reduce the stress of this process and assist you in becoming an “informed consumer” in making decisions for your student. We encourage parents to be actively involved in the search and to participate in our scheduled programs. Individual appointments are also welcome.

    Our College Counseling Center includes a wealth of reference guides and publications about all topics related to college admission and financial aid. Come by to check them out! Additional resources are also available on this web site.





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    Mavis J. Jackson
    Director of College Counseling
    Vivien T. Thomas Medical Arts Academy
    100 N. Calhoun St
    Baltimore, MD 21223
    CEEB 210218
    443.856.8298 (cell)