• Teacher Name: Dr. Anthony Marcano


    Grade Level Taught: PK - 8


    Subject(s) Taught: Counseling & Student Support Team


    Educational Philosophy: The public trust has been a sacred institution throughout our nation’s history.  From the Mayflower Compact in 1620 to today’s modern government, no societal system can survive when that trust has been abandoned and its leaders called into question.  Perhaps no greater trust is necessary for that society than the trust between the public and its school leaders, who serve the most precious part of society:  our children.


    Those who serve our schools and promote our children’s welfare should serve for the most noble of purposes.  This commitment is more essential today than ever.  With betrayal comes cynicism.  With cynicism comes a lost innocence found in the hopes of our children and in those who are entrusted with their educational care.  The school leaders must seek to ensure that this trust is safeguarded at all levels, that the service to our children remains hopeful, and that the education they receive is at its fullest potential.


    School leaders must build a family that will provide meaningful learning communities, staff development, and parent training to increase authentic engagement and student achievement.


    Belief Statements:

    1. Learning must take place at home, in school, and in the community.

    2. Learning is an important aspect of a student's life. The school must provide educational opportunities from school readiness to adult education.

    3. The principal and the school staff are accountable for improving student achievement.

    4. All students will learn when their individual needs are met.

    5. All students must not only be instructed in the benchmarks of the core curriculum, but they must also be taught specifically how to learn.

    6. It is the educator’s responsibility to prepare all students for a knowledge-based, technologically rich, and culturally diverse 21st century.

    7. The school must provide a safe and secure environment, which is essential for teaching and learning.

    8. Partnerships, which include parents, community, and businesses enhance student achievement with stakeholder engagement.  Stakeholders must be engaged and not just merely involved.

    9. All individuals must be treated with respect and dignity by faculty, staff, other students, and stakeholders.

    10. Stakeholder involvement is a valuable tool for evaluation and decision-making.

    11. Professional staff development focused on improving instruction enhances a quality school.

    12. The school must be committed to promoting cultural diversity and reinforcing the positive tenets of character education in a democratic society.

    13. It is imperative that school administration, faculty, and staff exhibit the integrity which maintains the public trust.  Beyond programs and philosophies, the needs of the children must be served.


    Message to Parents/Students:  Every achievement in the classroom, every advance in knowledge, every contribution that Curtis Bay Elementary Middle School makes to the communities it serves has far-reaching impact.  The lives of our students are transformed by the excellence of the education they receive at #207, and the future of our city and ultimately the nation will be influenced by their ability to play leadership roles in the fields of their choice.

          CBEMS is developing very rapidly into a world-class institution (robotics, greening, athletics, etc.), and that is attributable in large measure to the unselfish support of individuals such as you.  Your continued participation in this process has never been more important.  Our school must continue to grow, and we can achieve that goal with your help.

          I hope you will join me in our efforts to provide the children of this community with every opportunity for success.  Your involvement will make an impact by helping Curtis Bay to continue to build truly outstanding programs across the full spectrum of academic disciplines (including music, physical education, and computer science).  To learn more about the current state of our school, please attend the various PTA, SPP, and other meetings held during the year.

          Please accept my personal thanks for all you have done for Curtis Bay Elementary Middle School in the past and for continuing to join hands with the students and community to keep the momentum going.  Your partnership and support is vitally important and greatly appreciated.  Again, thank you.