• Educational Software  

       First In Math
       A supplemental math program that provides students with practice of fundamental skills, First In Math is available to students both while at school and at home. The program is aligned with Maryland curriculum standards and student progress is tracked by teachers.
        BrainPOP is animated, curriculum-based content that bolsters student achievement in the areas of Science, Social Studies, Math, English, Health and the Arts. BrainPOP is available to Highlandtown students at school and at home.
        Mobile Laptop Carts
       Highlandtown utilizes two laptop carts that bring technology to students without leaving their classrooms. Laptops are used by students to access educational software, conduct research, and learn how to use the internet in productive ways.
     Promethean Interactive Whiteboards
       A revolutionary technology that must be seen to be believed, Interactive Whiteboards are revolutionizing the way that instruction is delivered. Students can now participate in ways that were not possible before by using learner response systems that allow teachers to get immediate feedback about student understanding. Students are more engaged and motivated when Whiteboards are used.
                                  Classroom Computers
       Every classroom has computers available for use throughout the day. Typically these are utilized when classes break into small groups, for early finishers, or as a student reward.