Waverly Policy Overview

  • Cell Phone and Other Electronic Devices

    Waverly Elementary Middle School understands parents' and guardians' need to communicate with their children. Baltimore City has strict guide-lines involving cell phones, its use, and other electronic devices. Cell phones will be turned in every morning to the principal's designee(s) failure to comply with this will result in confiscation of the device.
    Any student who violates Waverly's policy or does not adhere to the above stated recommendations will be asked to turn over their phone or electronic device to the principal's designee. Once the item is confiscated, the phone must be turned over to an administrator and tagged for the purpose of identification. The parent or guardian (not brother, sister, aunt, uncle, or cousin) must arrange to come to the school to obtain the release of the phone or electronic device.
    In the event that a student refuses to turn over the device or cell phone, he/she will immediately be referred for disciplinary action, which may include suspension.
    Please note: Cell phones are not to be used in the building at any time. This includes during school hours, as well as, after school hours. In the event that a student needs to make a phone call in an emergency, he/she should go to the office with the permission of a teacher and use the school phone or if sent to the school nurse. If a parent comes to the school stating my child called me and it wasn't from the school phone then there will be a consequence for the student the very next school day. This is unacceptable and we need your support. The electronic devices and cell phones are impeding the learning environment here at Waverly. 
    Students in possession of a weapon will face expulsion from the school. A weapon is any firearm, whether loaded or unloaded, and device or instrument designed as a weapon which is capable of threatening or producing bodily harm or death, or any device or instrument that is used to threaten or cause bodily harm or death. Some examples of weapons include, but are not limited to guns (including pellet guns, look-a-like guns and nonfunctioning guns that could be used to threaten others), knives, clubs, metal knuckles, throwing stars, stun guns, explosives, and ammunition. Possession refers to having a weapon on one's person or in an area subject to one's control on school property, at a school activity, school sponsored bus trip, or at/near a school bus stop during transit bus loading or departing.


    Lockers are the property of the school. At no time does the school relinquish its exclusive control of lockers provided for the convenience of students. School authorities may conduct inspection of lockers at any time, without notice, without student consent, and without a search warrant. Lockers should not be written on, damaged, or used to house obscene or illegal items. Students are expected to use their assigned locker for the duration of the school year. At no time should students share a locker with another student. The school will not be held responsible for missing property. Cell phones and/or other electronic devices that are kept in the lockers are done so at the students own risk.

    Students are allowed to go to their lockers only during the following times: before homeroom: 8:45-8:55 am, lunch/recess, and after school.


    Students must have a pass when going to various destinations (office, nurse, restroom, etc.) throughout the school. Every teacher will have a designated pass with their name written on it for identification or a hand written pass with the date, time of departure, and teacher signature for a student leaving out of class. Students who are late for class must obtain a written pass from a faculty or staff member or are escorted to class. Students who fail to comply with having and obtaining a pass and are in the hall will be subject to disciplinary action.

    Academic Dishonesty

    Students who have been determined to have plagiarized, presented another person's work as their own, or cheated on either their daily work or tests will be given a zero for the work involved. Classroom teachers responsible for the student in such a situation will notify the parent/guardian of the student as soon as possible. Teachers will also report this violation to an administrator; further disciplinary action may be taken.

    Internet/Computer Use

    The internet may be used by students for educational and research purposes only, students will be expected to use the internet in an appropriate and responsible manner. If it is found that a student abuses the privilege or misuses the computer, a consequence will be given which may include loss of rights to use school computers.


    Students are expected to go to class fully prepared. Preparedness requires students to have all work materials, assignments, pencils/pens, paper, etc; students may not be allowed to retrieve such materials after they are in class, it will be deemed the teachers discretion. A consequence/detention can be issued for not being prepared for class.

    Book Bags/Purses

    Students are not allowed to carry book bags or purses of any type throughout the school day. These items should be kept in the students lockers until the end of the day. Students found carrying these items are subject to them being confiscated by a teacher/staff member and are deemed out of uniform and can receive disciplinary action for this infraction.


    Bullying is defined as conduct which subjects one or more students to insults, taunts or challenges, or which causes one or more students to be excluded or singled out in a negative way. Bullying comes on many forms. It can be verbal or physical in nature. It can be intimidating or designed to provoke a violent or disorderly response from the students being targeted. Bullying may involve group or clique behavior, hazing, threats, acts of violence, or exclusion. All students have the obligation to report instances of bullying behavior, including the student who is the victim of bullying or a bystander observing or hearing about bullying behavior. It is only through everyone's effort to eliminate bullying that all students will feel comfortable in school. Students who bully other students will have disciplinary consequences.

    Harassment and Acts of Violence at The Stadium School are prohibited. It is the policy that Waverly Elementary School maintains learning and working environment that is free from harassment and violence. In the event of such, an investigation will be conducted of all complaints, formal or informal, verbal or written, of harassment or violence. Students are encouraged to report any harassment and/or violent behavior to any staff or faculty member so that the proper action can be taken immediately.


    It is imperative that students help maintain the cleanliness and overall appearance of the restroom facilities. This can be done properly by disposing of paper towels and other waste items in the proper receptacles. Writing on restroom walls or in any defaming school property becomes a detriment to the school community. Any student found guilty of damaging school property will receive detention and/or suspension.

    Unsupervised Area

    It is important that students remain safe while on school premises. One safety measure includes that students should not be in an unsupervised area. Students found in an unsupervised area are subject to suspension. Unsupervised areas include classrooms where a teacher is not present, loitering in stairwells, etc.


    The possession or use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco by a minor, is a serious violation of state laws and punishable by fines and/or imprisonment. Violators will be reported to the proper authorities.

    Students who consume, sell, give away, or have possession of drugs or alcohol on school property or at school activities will be suspended or possibly expelled from school. All illegal substances and related items will be confiscated. Before the student can be readmitted to the school, a conference consisting of parents, student, and school administration be arranged to determine the best course of action for the student and the school. In addition, the principal may send a student home with their parents when the distraction suspects (via smell, action, or appearance) that a student has used drugs/alcohol/tobacco. Our goal is to act in a manner that is in the best interest of the student and the school environment.

    Expected Student Behavior

    Students who do not comply with the rules and regulations set forth by Waverly Elementary Middle School and Baltimore City Schools will face appropriate consequences for their behavior. These consequences may range from a simple reminder or expulsion. Naturally, the severity of the consequence will depend upon the degree and frequency of the students' inappropriate behavior.