• Our Resources


    • Outdoor Gardens, Security Cameras, 2 Cafeterias, Library

    • Smart Boards, Promethian Boards, Computer Labs, Mobile Carts, Classroom Computers

    • Auditorium, Gymnasium, Band Room, Music Room, Pottery Room

    • 2 Science Labs, Foreign Language Lab, Cooking Lab

    • Response To Intervention (RTI)

    • Foreign Language

    • S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering,, Mathematics) Infusion

    • Written and Oral Communication

    • Reading & Making Meaning  (Literary, Information)

    • Social Studies, Environmental Studies

    • Health and Character Education

    • Visual Arts, Vocal Music, Physical Fitness,  Instrumental Music

    • Female & Male Leadership Development

    • Computer Studies


    • International staff

    • Highly certified and highly qualified

    • Utilizes the collaborative problem solving , explicit and constructive approach to teaching and learning

    • Utilizes technology in instruction

    • Utilizes  data assessment to guide rigorous instruction for student achievement

    • Provides enrichment and interventions supports

    • Teaches  and engages the “Whole Child”


    • Takes ownership for (AAA) achievement , attendance and  attitude

    • Dresses for success (Dress uniforms are mandatory)

    • Performs Community Service

    • Participates in School-Wide Morning Meeting

    • Engages in projects, academic & athletic competitions,  cultural  performances and collaborative learning

    • Participates in Principal’s Honors with 3.5 –4.0 GPA

      Participates in Honor Roll with 3.0-3.4 GPA


    • Joins/ Volunteers in PTO, Food Pantry, Uniform Store

    • Joins/ Volunteers in Fundraising

    • Joins/ Volunteers in Parents On Patrol, Parent Volunteers

    • Joins/ Volunteers in Parent Connect Home Meetings

    • Joins/ Volunteers in School Improvement Input

    • Joins/ Volunteers in Family -School  Activities, Workshops, etc.


    • The Children’s Guild and Life Renewal Mental Health-Mentoring Programs

    • Young Educated Sisters and Brothers Mentoring

    • Student Support Team (SST)

    • Child Study Team Special Education Support (CST)

    • M.A.R.C. (Making Appropriate and Responsible Choice Center)

    • In House Truancy Court

    • Boost After School Tutoring

    • BELL After School Enrichment & Intervention

    • Guidance Counselor

    • School Nurse