• Our school has a number of extracurricular athletic programs.   In elementary school, we have soccer, basketball, and baseball teams.  Our middle school students participate in track and field, volleyball, basketball, soccer, and baseball.  
    During the 2016-2017 school year, the middle school girls volleyball team was coached by Ms. Denise Mitchell.  They had a very exciting year!  The fall volleyball team went undefeated for the entire season and won the city volleyball championship.  They went on to play during the winter volleyball season and came in second place during the championship.  The volleyball team members are held to a high standard of academic achievement, good character, and excellent conduct.  Way to go Lady Hawks!
    Our track and field team, under the leadership of Mr. Dale Stalley and Mr. Michael Branch had a very successful season. Our middle school students competed fiercely and earned a place in the citywide championship.  The boys track and field team won the championship!