• Questions to ask your child's teacher:
    Success for All (SFA)
    1. What is the purpose of this program?
    2. How does SFA help my child become a  better reader and writer?
    3. When can I visit your classroom to gain a deeper understanding of what my child is experiencing?
    mClass Assessment
    1. What does mClass assess?
    2. How do you use the assessment results to help my child become a better reader or writer?
    3. Will you be using the home-school connections that are embedded in this assessment this year so that I can understand how my child is performing and how I can help?
    Benchmarking Student Progress
    1. How do you know whether my child is making progress this year?
    2. What are my child's growth goals?
    3. How often do you monitor progress?
    4. What are some ways I can assess my child's reading and writing progress?
    Common Core Reading and Writing Tasks
    1. What to the Common Core Standards expect my child to be able to know and do at this grade level? 
    2.What did the beginning of the year assessments tell you about my child as a reader and writer?
    2. What do other CCSS assessments tell you about my child as a reader and writer?
    3. What should I be doing at home to help my child become an excellent reader and writer and do well on CCSS assessments?
    4. What does the Common Core mean by text complexity?
    Reader's Notebooks
    1. What types of books are my child reading?
    2. What authors have my child read?
    3. How can I help my child make the connection between reading and writing?
    English Language Arts Grades
    1. What are your school's grading policies?
    2. How can my child become a Blue Ribbon Scholar?
    3. How can my child be inducted into the AHES Hilliard Honor Society?
    4. What does my child's grade tell me about her progress and performance as a reader and writer?