• The AHES vision states "everyone is a learner, everyone is a teacher and everyone is a leader!" This includes our parents! Each month, AHES families receive a reading and writing newsletter that is full of fun ways to help children become better readers and writers. Home-school partnerships are essential to a child's academic achievement. There are many ways parents can become involved in our children's reading and writing life:
    Participation in Family Literacy Night at AHES
    Family Literacy Night will be held in the fall and spring. Check our school calendar on this site.
    At-Home Reading, Writing and Storytelling
    At AHES we teach reading within a to-with-by framework. We want our parents to read aloud to their children, read side-by-side with their children, and allow their children to read with them. At home, we want our kids to read different kinds of text such as jokes, riddles, signs, newspapers, magazines, signs, and labels. We want our parents to spend time imagining and making up stories with their children at home. Create books together! Come to our Back to School Open House where we will share ways to get children excited about reading and writing non-fiction text!
    Read Aloud Mornings at AHES
    We have several partners who come in to read aloud to our students. We will continue to invite parents and community in during our literacy block to read aloud this year!
    Writing Workshops
    For the first time, we will be inviting families in to write with us this year. Read the Parent Eagle to find out more!
    Raise A Reader Program
    This program serves AHES pre-k children and families by helping parents practice and maintain home-based literacy routines critical for school success. For more info. go to: