• Student Attendance Policy

    Students succeed in school if they attend regularly. It is essential that students attend school on a consistent basis to ensure continuity of instruction. Therefore, in order for your child to participate in reward or incentive activities that celebrate attendance, the following criteria must be met:
    • Students are expected to enter the building at 8 am
    • Any student arriving at 8:09 am or later will be marked late.
    • If for any reason, your child leaves school before 10:30 am, he or she will be marked absent for the day.
    • Any student leaving before the end of the day must be signed out in the office.
    • Students may not be signed out between 2:15 –2:40 pm unless there is an emergency.
    Students are required to attend school every day unless excused in writing by a lawful excuse. Legal absences are the following: death of immediate family member; illness of the student; court summons (for student); observance of a religious holiday; and appointment (for child) with a doctor.  Attendance is monitored each day by the teachers and the office. Parents of absent students will be contacted by phone for confirmation of each absence. Parents are asked to call school for student absences and to provide a written note and/or medical note for all absences regarding sickness. Students who show a habitual pattern of lateness and/or absence will receive intervention services.

    Unless there is an emergency, students may not be signed out between 2:15 pm and the end of the day. Teachers are delivering important content right up until 2:40 pm, and we don’t want your child to miss any instruction. The parent or person picking up the child must be on the Emergency Card. Be prepared to present identification and follow these steps:
    • Report to the Office.
    • Sign the child out on the “Early Dismissal Daily Log.”
    • Wait for the child to report to the office.
    Attendance Intervention Protocol
    If a student demonstrates a habitual pattern of lateness and/or absence which has an impact on the student’s performance in school, the following the protocol will be implemented:
    • 1st phone call to parent 
    • 2nd phone call to parent 
    • Mailed letter from teacher
    • Hand delivered letter by a staff member
    • Home visit
    • Certified letter sent home from Mr. Hornbeck requesting a conference with parents
    • SST Meeting
    • Referral to Attendance and Truancy Office