• Principal Statement

    The faculty and staff of William Pinderhughes Elementary-Middle School is committed to working jointly with our students, parents, and community partners. By working as a team we will be able to address the educational, social, and emotional needs of our students, their families and the greater community.
    Federico R. Adams, Principal

    What is a School-Parent Compact?

    A School- Family Compact is a written commitment stating the roles and expectations of the school, student and parent for academic achievement. It was designed with the help of parents and staff in order to create a document that was a collaborative effort, clearly defining the partnership that must exist for a successful school year. Click here to download and sign a copy of the School Parent Compact

    As a Pinderhughes Elementary/ Middle Student,I will:

    • Come to school each day on time, prepared with all my materials
    • Complete all assignments at school and at home
    • Follow all school, classroom and community rules
    • Deliver all school communications to my family
    • Ask for help when I need it and lend a helping hand when I can
    • Respect myself, my school, my fellow classmates and staff, my school building and my community

    As a member of the Pinderhughes Elementary/ Middle Academic Team,I will:

    • Provide an environment conducive to learning
    • Provide the highest quality curriculum and instruction
    • Provide intervention for students facing academic challenges
    • Be accessible to parents through conferences, email and phone
    • Collaborate with school personnel and agencies to support students and families
    • Provide packets or workshops for parents on homework assistance
    • Respect my school, students and staff, families and community

    As a Pinderhughes Elementary/ Middle Parent Guardian I will:

    • Ensure my child attends school each day well- rested and ready to learn
    • Follow the school calendar to keep up with all important dates
    • Keep constant communication with the school, updating any address or telephone number changes
    • Carefully check all items sent home and return all forms in a timely manner including the Free and Reduced Lunch application and climate survey
    • Attend all parent/teacher conferences and at least one parent event per quarter
    • Encourage my child to read 20 minutes a day
    • Respect the school, students and staff, the school building and my community