• Mary Ann Winterling dedicated 35 years to the students and parents of Bentalou Elementary School.  She was born and raised in Baltimore, and was a familiar face at her family’s restaurant where she often greeted customers and took orders.  Miss Winterling attended Sacred Heart of Jesus Parochial School.  She later graduated from the Institute of Notre Dame and earned degrees from the College of Notre Dame of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University.  Miss Winterling joined the Bentalou family in 1974 as a teacher and later became the vice principal.  In 1980, she was appointed the principal of Bentalou Elementary School.  She had the reputation of operating a no-nonsense school by making educating students the #1 priority.  She would often stop at yard sales to purchase stuffed animals and books for her students.

    She was committed to her staff and often stated, “No one messes with my staff.”  As a result, her staff remained loyal to her and shared the vision of making children first.  In 2000, the school won $1,000 from the Saturn Corp to purchase books for having 27 third grade students read approximately 500 books in one month.  In 2003, under the leadership of Miss Winterling, the school was named Maryland Blue Ribbon School.  In 2009, with the help from students, parents, family, friends, staff and community leaders, Bentalou Elementary School was renamed Mary Ann Winterling Elementary School in honor of an exceptional leader and an extraordinary educator.

             Good morning students, parents, staff, everyone; I hope your day has started well and I do 
             wish you a good day.”
                                                                                                           ~Mary Ann Winterling