PSASA Contract Overview

  • The Public School Administrators and Supervisors Association (PSASA) contract  was collaboratively created with City Schools. This contract provides PSASA Professionals with opportunities to follow differentiated career pathways and incentives that encourage PSASA Professionals to develop and grow into leaders in the district and in their profession.

    City Schools leaders inspire, develop, and manage the conditions and environments that create high-performing learning communities that promote equity and excellence for all. All staff members – including teachers, coaches, custodians, and school police officers – have a leadership role to play. Our school and district leaders are uniquely positioned to model innovative, impactful leadership practices and to build the leadership capacity of those around them. Our contract and the career pathways it calls out reflect this understanding.

    PSASA Members are encouraged to review their contract annually and to visit the PSASA website frequently for updates and information from the union.