• A Landmark Contract for BTU Professionals

    In November 2010, members of the Baltimore Teachers Union (BTU) ratified a new contract—and together with City Schools entered a new era of innovation. This groundbreaking agreement places teacher leadership and instructional effectiveness at the core of district reforms, with BTU Professionals positioned to help lead the district's transformation. The contract

    • Fundamentally changes how BTU Professionals are compensated
    • Strengthens the district's ability to attract and retain excellent BTU Professionals
    • Allows BTU Professionals and school communities to shape key aspects of the operations at their schools

    Under the new contract, BTU Professionals follow differentiated career pathways along a career ladder. Opportunities and incentives encourage BTU Professionals to develop and grow into leaders in their schools and in their profession. And the contract provides higher pay scales, including the highest starting salary in the state.

    The contract is one of the most innovative in the country, and has been applauded by education and political leaders nationwide. Read more about reaction to the contract in the November 2010 press release—and explore details by following the links at left.