• Field Trips and School Visits to Great Kids Farm

    School visits to Great Kids Farm are a wonderful way for students to apply the topics and information they learn in the classroom to an outside real world setting.  During a visit to the farm students tour the farm, participate in hands-on activities, and work together to strengthen their understanding of nutrition, agriculture and natural resources.  Repeat visits allow students to recognize and understand how their past actions at the farm have impacted the current living systems that reside there.  

    Great Kids Farm is fertile ground for an array of learning experiences in agriculture, biology, and ecology. Students who visit the farm learn about:

    • The Farm’s living systems and how they are interrelated to one another and to the environment.
    • The decisions that farmers make in managing our crops have a direct impact on our 33-acre woods, stream and pond.
    • How these choices further influence the whole watershed area and ultimately affect the health of the Chesapeake Bay.
    • The value of organic, sustainable and ecologically-conscious approaches to food production.
    Learn more abourt School Visit Topics and Planning a Visit to Great Kids Farm.

    For additional information or to schedule a visit to Great Kids Farm please contact the Great Kids Farm Educator at 410-744-1096 or mndobson@bpcs.k12.md.us.